Key West Fine Art Photography

It is only just over a year ago that a hurricane made its devastating way through the Keys. Unlike other places Key West was relatively quick to recover. But for those who are actively documenting Key West, the hurricane provided lots of material both animal and mineral.

Fine art display key west is documenting wildlife and fine art. It might seem at first glance this is incredibly hard to do. Wildlife photography is a completely different set of skills than capturing fine art.

But in fact, there is a point where a wildlife picture transcends the boundary and becomes Fine Art and from there the two coexist seamlessly with neither the photographer nor the viewer being entirely sure where one stops and the other begins.

There’s much that makes up a photograph. The subject obviously, but in addition, the lighting will also factor in. As will the time of day and what the subject is doing. The artist has the ability to capture all of these elements. Often they will have something they particularly like.

Fine art display key west

Some artists are particularly captivated by light. They will wait for hours if not days to get the exact lighting they require. This is something the wildlife photographer understands; watching sometimes for days on end, to get the exact shot of the shell breaking as a sea-bird makes its entry into the world.

The disciplines are not so far removed after all. It comes down to having a style, having a comprehension of what it is and how to build a body of work from it. With that, it is possible to make any topic the subject of a fine art project.

The difference between an artist and the rest of us, is they have an idea before they set off.